lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013


Yes, very much so, especially to native speakers. I am not being fecetious -no es esto una facecia- but I am trying to explain why most native teachers will give you that song and dance all the time.

You must take what they say with a grain of salt -with two, better- because they are not lying to you. They simply explain their experience. And that is why native Spanish and English language teachers do not usually bother to correct your lousy (cutre) accent or your impossible sounds. They act like the husband who is reading the paper when his wife asks him: "Does this dress look ok on me?" and he answers, without looking up: "Yes, dear."
So when your teacher tells you that Spanish, or English are easy to pronounce, just say: "Your are right, Spanish is easy to pronounce, but not for me."

Try this. Put your teacher to the test (poner a prueba):
"Tingou unou tchiempou durou." and if the teacher says, reading the paper, "fine, fine" you know he does not give a hoot.
"Wat (but) diis iis bery diiffiicuul! and your English instructor says nothing, stop paying him, or even better: dismiss him on the spot.

Languages are never easy to pronounce... BUT good sounds CAN be acquired, with some effort and concentration. Using the right technique, both English and Spanish are easy to pronounce.

I believe it.

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