martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013


People tell me they have no time. Folks do not have enough with 24 hours a day... and they are right. 24 hours is nothing... But how about switching to a new angle? How about talking about minutes instead of hours? One day has 1440 minutes... that is time, isn't it?
And how about if I ask you to invest 15 minutes out of the 1440 every day? You still have 1425 left to do all you want. Not a bad deal at all.
There is a catch to this deal, of course. I ask you to invest 15 minutes a day of your attention to learn a language... but every day, without missing one day, Sundays, fetivities, holidays, vacations included...
How about it? Deal?  


Sentarse. To sit, sat, sat. 
Sit here, please, Siéntate aquí, por favor.
What he said did not sit well with me, Lo que dijo no me sentó bien.  
What I ate didn't sit too well, Lo que comí no me sentó bien.
Hacer de canguro, cuidar: Will you sit with my children this evening? ¿Quieres hacer de canguro con mis niños esta tarde?  A babysitter es la/el "caguro" de los niños.
Posar: The painter wants me to sit for him, El pintor quiere que pose para él.
Todos dicen to sit down, innecesariamente, como en España se dice sube arriba y baja abajo. Sin emabargo to sit up es sentarse derecho en la silla, sin hace chepa, que es malo para la espalda.

Sentar, tomar, dar asiento:
The woman seated me next to her husband, La mujer me sentó al lado de su marido.
Please, be seated, Por favor, tome asiento.
This movie theater seats 200 persons, Este cine puede sentar -tiene aforo para- a 200 personas.
A seat es un asiento: This seat is very comfortable, Este asiento es muy cómodo.
The seat of my pants es el culo, el fondillo, del pantalón. 

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