viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

Language is for ever

What is the big difference between love and the study of language? The study of language is for ever.
The above is a variation of a silly and cynical joke about love and herpes. But I am trying to make a point.

When you start studying a language you know the task is for ever. There are no goals. There is no time when you will finally say:"At last I have learnt Spanish!"
There is comfort in the fact that language study is a never-ending task. There is no use fretting. There is no use getting all worked up. Easy does it. Take it in stride and do not worry. Study, listen, look words up in dictionaries, learn variations... in short: enjoy the study of language. It will keep you mentally fit and will let you enjoy culture better.

The study of language is a joy for ever. (I am paraphrasing again.)

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