martes, 9 de agosto de 2016

"TO," infinitivo y preposición en lengua inglesa.

Lo voy a poner muy claro:


To fire
To paper
To work
To look

 I use toilet paper. She has a nice look.
I like to fire employees. She loves to work. I used to work for IBM.

PERO a veces ciertos verbos dominan la preposición TO, y el verbo que sigue NO está en infinitivo sino en gerundio:
To be addicted to - Ser adicto a.
-I am addicted to reading.
To object to - Rehusar, objetar.
-She objected to kissing the actor.
To be used to - Estar acostumbrado a.
-He was used to cleaning her bathroom daily.
To look forward to - Tener ganas de.
-I am looking forward to hearing from you.
To confess to - Confesar
-He confessed to having copied the exam paper.
To devote to - Consagrarse a.
-She is devoted to helping her husband.
To be commited to - Estar dedicado a.
-I am commited to working on this project.
To get around to - Poder hacer
-He finally got around to answering his mail.

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