viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

Mensajes de texto (texting) en inglés

 In my recent book ESCRIBIR Y COMUNICAR EN INGLÉS (Anaya, 2016), written in both English and Spanish, I suggest many things. For example:

• Do not text because you are bored. Your messages should have relevance.
• Type short and very clear sentences.
• Do not forget the subject+verb+object structure.
• Remember that people's time is short and valuable.
• Emoticons imitate the Egyptian way of writing, but are often confusing and unclear as to what you mean. Use them sparingly.

• The four recomendations above may be hard to accomplish; still I think we must try, especially because on the internet nothing disappears.
Everything is always there, even after being erased. So, let us be careful.

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