lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Donald Trump is a language moron. Bad.

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Donald Trump is lacking in spoken and body language skills. Nothing to write home about, of course. But it is of interest to point this out to those who are trying, and many trying very hard, to learn the English language, that the President of the United States of America uses simplistic English in his tweets. I would even say that he uses moronic English.
His tweets end with simplistic, puerile terms, to sumarize his communications. The words he uses to sum up his idiotic tweets are:
Say NO!
No problem!
Donald Trump would benefit from my book on writing in English: ESCRIBIR Y COMUNICAR EN INGLÉS, but I am not going to send him a copy.
Tweeting may be an art today; even a challenge: to express a lot in a few characters. No mean feat.
But if as a student of English you do not do it well at first, do not worry, Donald Trump cannot do it either.

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