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You make mistakes in English? So do native-English writers. Read on.

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We are worried about our mistakes when we write in English. And so we should try to avoid errors. Writing in a foreign tongue is difficult. It is tough in our own language.

But then, we should be excused, because, after all, we are writing in a language we are trying to learn. But what about the native speaker whose profession is writing and who has a column in a magazine and who criticizes others?

Alexander Aciman reviews a book by Alain de Botton: The Course of Love, in the September 17, 2017. issue of the TABLET magazine Book Reviews where he tries to destroy and mock the writer as much as he can.

At the end of his attack. Mr. Aciman writes his grammatical blunder, solecism, error, faux pas, mistake which, of course, makes him lose credibility as a speaker of English. Here it is:

“Let me guess, does love also means not having to say you’re sorry?”

So do not feel bad if at times you too make mistakes. To err is human, to forgive devine... So let us forgive Mr. Aciman... or should we?

Alexander Aciman is 26, and a professional writer. He looks 18 in the photo (time will remedy that) and, of course, is not dry behind the ears yet.  

(I have taken the trouble of reading some of Mr. Aciman´s articles and, really, Time and The New York Times must be hard pressed to get writers. Are they paying peanuts?) 

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