lunes, 6 de mayo de 2019

English breakfast

Some years ago, and on tv, a program made a survey about what people considered  their country´s best contribution to the European Union. A young man from London did not hesitate to say that the UK´s best contribution to the Union was Breakfast. And I agreed and clapped my hands.
While the Germans are having beer and Kartoffeln at the crack of dawn, and the French munch on bread and cheese and watery wine, while Italians are sipping coffee with noodles at around 9, and Spaniards delight in the old Mexican breakfast, black coffee and a cigarette... the British enjoy their glorious breakfast, their best contribution to the Union.
Eggs, sausages, bacon, potatoes, toast, butter, coffee or tea, fruit... That is what I call breakfast! Full English breakfast
Alas, what is going to happen in Europe after Brexit? Will Europeans go back to Kartoffeln, noodles, cheese, and a cigarette? Will Britishers go back to fish´n´chips? A lot more than borders and money is at stake here. We will all be the loosers, I fear. Perhaps another referendum will set things aright... Or perhaps it is too late. 

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