domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

There is a language solution to everything

Most woes can be soothed, remedied, placated with language.
Suffering can be softened with the right words.
Mourning is relieved with the understanding empathy of the spoken or written message of care, friendship and love.
Grief and loneliness are made less when the sounds of language are heard.
The right words can make us strong in times of trouble.
Words can give meaning to our lives.
Verily, there is a language solution to our woes.
Language is to be sure a two-edged sword as we know. But today, just today, let us be of good cheer and dwell and fix our attention on the positiveness of the miracle of the sound-with-meaning phenomenon.
Verily, language is the universal cure-all that lightens our souls and makes our journey pleasant, in troubled waters.

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