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Compliment and win friends

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In general -there are exceptions- people are reluctant to compliment others. They are eager to see the mote in their brother's eye rather than the beam in their own eye (Luke, 6:37). But this is not the way to make friends and influence people. Everybody loves to be liked, appreciated, patted on the back, complimented... So, please, be generous with your compliments.

That's a nice tie you are wearing. Women seldom say this. They'd rather say the contrary: I don't like the the tie you are wearing. Grave mistake.

What a beautiful accent you have! You can say this whether the person has an Alamaba droll, a Cockney slur, or speaks New Yorkese, or even if she stutters. We all think that our accent is the best and are proud of it. Varieties with which you can never go wrong: Your English is so very good! You sound like an authentic Oxford don! Your English is like music to my ears!

You have a great sense of humor. We all think we are witty and funny and love to be told so. Do not mince words and compliment people on their sense of humor.

You are a great listener. Nobody ever listens but most of us think we do, so tell the person you are with that he/she is a great listener. He will like it.

Well, thank you. I never thought of that! That will send the person to cloud 9, because you have told him that he has ideas nobody has.

You are the best teacher I have ever had! All teachers think they are good but you must tell them as a special reward. You can repeat this to all your teachers. They will believe it.

I admire you! This one is tricky because the person might ask you why you admire her, so you must be ready to answer.

Complimenting a woman on her body is risky and now dangerous. Complimenting a man on his physique is foolhardy.

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