domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016

Mother's Day - Día de la Madre

Dates that celebrate and honor Mother's Day differ from culture to culture. It so happens that today Spain celebrates Mother's Day... and here is my little tribute to women in general, in order to honor and respect motherhood and womenhood in general.
We talk about my mother tongue, mi lengua materna, and never say my father tongue. Funny, isn't it?
Another saying that comes to mind is The good mother never says will you, but gives. La buena madre no pregunta quieres, sino da cuanto tiene.
A funny one, but true, is Praise the child and make love to the mother ¿Quieres ser agradable a la madre del niño? Hazle un cariño. 
And necessity is the mother (not the father) of invention, la necesidad es la madre de la habilidad. 
So, here's to mothers: Happy mother's Day!

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